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On Aliveness




What makes you come alive? What makes you want to dance, laugh, expand, take more risks and become

a fuller version of you?

Aliveness is passion in action. It is a flow of terrific life energy with a boundless quality. We need to become more alive. We need to move away from a stainless state where we let the hours go by without any meaning. Become Alive. How? You know. Inside you really know it, I know that. Now make that first step. Don’t let people tell you that you can’t or won’t be able to do it. Too much time is wasted on second-hand opinions. Be brave, even better be braver. Step 1 might not turn out to be perfect, but step 2 will be better and step 3 might just build you your new life.

Aliveness is love.

Show it.

Be generous with it.

The fastest way to freedom is to love fear.

Fear is joy. 


Laugh at the sky and happiness will come.

“No matter what happens laugh at the sky. She will make you happy.
Look up and imagine the beauty of the air, sun and the birds filling up your heart.”