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Doing Hard Things Gives You Freedom

It has been a while that I wrote on this blog. I came home from a Crossfit Session, yes me! The Tania Damha who is doing now Crossfit. Honestly I did not think in a billion years that I would be able to do this kind of sport. Sport was something foreign to me. It was an undesirable entity that I conveniently deleted out of my dictionary.

But lately, and that is the last three years, I love doing the hard things first. It started with me hiking an active Volcano in Italy, then running of two Marathons and now doing Crossfit. All things that were impossible even in my wildest dreams. Boy has my reality changed in the last years. We honestly create our own. Create a good one.

You will not grow if you only do the easy things. In order for us to grow, and I am talking about the kind of growing that gets you out of your miserable job, or leave a deadbeat relationship or move from living in a place that your passionately hate.

You have to do the hard things.

Hard things become our life vests.

Something amazing and life changing happens when you do the hard things. Your brain changes. The electricity in your brain starts firing up and thinks – if I just climbed this Stromboli Volcano for 6 hours and never hiked more than an hour before what else can I do that can change my life for the better? You start asking better questions.

After doing hard things your body and mind changes. You see a new you coming to fruition. Look back in your diaries or notes or delve deep in your mind and find the things you always wanted to do but were afraid of doing.

And then DO THEM.

Commit, do the hard thing and then grow! Happy July 10th the birthday of Nikola Tesla a person who did the hard things and gave us a better world.