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On Aliveness




What makes you come alive? What makes you want to dance, laugh, expand, take more risks and become

a fuller version of you?

Aliveness is passion in action. It is a flow of terrific life energy with a boundless quality. We need to become more alive. We need to move away from a stainless state where we let the hours go by without any meaning. Become Alive. How? You know. Inside you really know it, I know that. Now make that first step. Don’t let people tell you that you can’t or won’t be able to do it. Too much time is wasted on second-hand opinions. Be brave, even better be braver. Step 1 might not turn out to be perfect, but step 2 will be better and step 3 might just build you your new life.

Aliveness is love.

Show it.

Be generous with it.

The fastest way to freedom is to love fear.

Fear is joy.