Say Hello :)


Thanks for visiting here. You made my day.
Please tell me who you are and if you have any suggestions or ideas.
I am curious about you, so please share something here or just say hello πŸ™‚

All my love,
Tania Damha



  1. Chris

    Hello Tania. I just read a very nice story about you in Ideamensch. I’m curious, how can I get my hands on your hot sauce. That sounds incredibly perverted, but I assure you, I’m sincere in learning how I can order some (if available) as I’m a huge fan of hot sauce – and on an irrelevant note, Tesla too!

    I’m following you on Twitter not because of the hot sauce, rather for my appreciation of the written word. So, if you have some info on the sauce, it’s clhershberger@twitter.

    Enjoy your evening!

    • Tania Damha

      Hi Chris, thank you for your insightful comment. Really appreciate it. Yes, Tesla….It is amazing how one person changed the lives of billions. I am still thanking the Universe that he was among us and helped humanity progress. I have a facebook page for magatania that you can follow or if you email me then as soon as the sauce is ready I will let you know. My email is Thank you so much! Tania

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