5 Easy Ways To Increase Productivity While Working From Home.

1. Set time limits to specific tasks. For instance work from 9-11 am and then give yourself a half hour break. Don’t break your time commitment, so it is important to not make it too long. Your reward will come in a specific timed break. It will let you work more focused.

2. Social Media. Log out of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and all the others. Again in your half hour break (or less or more) you can go back and check everything you want. Most likely you will not want to log back during your precious break.

3. Phone(s) on silent or better turn off completely. If you give yourself for instance two-hour work limits then almost everything can wait for at least those two hours to be taken care off afterwards.

4. Mind chatter. Eliminate or decrease unnecessary mind chatter. You can tell your brain to stop thinking about all the great things you are possibly missing out on and tell it to just focus now for those two hours. You can after working your time frame go back to thinking, dreaming or anything else about your current/future life.

5. Breathing. The right breathing is crucial to productivity. Check your breathing on a regular basis. The right breathing will give you more focus, alertness and creates less mistakes.



  1. profiteerprime

    These sound so simple, but no one starts off practicing these obvious behaviors. Discipline doesn’t carry well in today’s society. Instant gratification is just a click away. Great post. Short and useful.

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