A letter to my 80-year old

Los Angeles, August 22, 2012

A letter to my 80-year old

40 years ago you came across a major crossroad in your life. You choose not to stop. You choose to continue with all the major obstacles like tiredness, shame, being broke, feeling stuck, feeling lonely and a big unknown future ahead of you.

You came home from a long walk and realized that fearlessness, freedom and fun should be your constant mantras. Do not deviate from your path. All the years you struggled had a purpose. They made you strong. You are not giving up now. Not after you survived so many hurdles.

You are resilient. You are nature. Be like nature.

That day you realized more than anything that you have to conquer yourself. The wise men from the past were right. Conquer thyself. That is what needs to happen.

First conquer yourself, and then create beauty.

It is really that simple, but why is being simple so hard? It doesn’t have to be. You made a pact with yourself to shed your fear, anger and limitations and start anew. Fresh, like a bright new morning.

You continued your path. The road you paved because you believed in something bigger and more powerful than yourself. You wanted to let everything out what was inside and share it with others.

Dear 80-year, I am so grateful that I found that life sparkle and nurtured its life force so that I could become the person I was always meant to be.



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