I believe we can all be modern day magicians, creators and wizards.
What is holding us back? Wrong attention.

Often focus on the daily “news”, our unproductive mind chatter and/or the unrealistic
expectations from family and/or friends will hold us back from accomplishing
higher grounds in our life.

Choosing the right attention is choosing the right path.

It’s not always easy. Choosing the right attention means sacrificing some
short-term pleasures (with often its pains when not consumed) and hoping that the
long-term visions will be fruitful.

A lot of successful people became successful because they mastered
the skill of what to focus on.

Be like a master painter and paint your brain with the right thoughts.

7/20 the date the first man landed on the moon.

Tania Damha



  1. Mario Hamilton

    I LOVE this! I will implement this in my daily thinking/life! Thanks Tania for the “positivity!”

  2. Esther Dam

    Yes mastering your thoughts is the key!!!!
    This was an eye opener, that wrong attention is whats holding you back!
    Thanks dear friend 🙂

    Ps wat is met m’n vorige comment gebeurt?!

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